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Free Quality Education:



No student studying at any of these institutions pay any tuition fee whatsoever. While students come from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds, at least half are from the rural areas, usually from economically challenged families. The admissions teams focus on picking the students who are highly motivated and who show promise both educationally and ethically. Those students whose families do not have the resources to help pay for the residential costs are awarded a full scholarship covering all costs. This scholarship is named after the founder of the Loka Seva Group of Institutions, Madiyal Narayana Bhat.


Many of those accepted would not be able to receive an education and would be locked into the cycle of poverty. In most cases, young boys without access to education in these rural areas have no hope of going beyond subsistence level farming jobs. Some venture into the cities where their prospects are dim…lacking an education, they are employable only at the lowest paying jobs. The situation for young girls is even more dire. At 12-13 years old, they generally have three options; an arranged marriage (which usually means a child before age 15), entering the physical labor force (resulting in them carrying bricks and sand on their heads, or sadly, in some cases, being “sold” into either sexual or domestic slavery.


Our goal is to break this cycle of poverty by providing the highest quality education free of charge to those who need it. We offer the children education from 6th standard through graduate school. We have students studying engineering, medicine and computer science. We plan on scaling our efforts to support schools in every rural district in India and then expand to include other countries needing this support. We will ensure that the highest quality of education from elementary school through graduate levels is accessible to all children irrespective of their economic background, caste or religion.


The teachers and staff stays in the school. The school has teacher's quarters so staff can comfortably stay. 

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