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Join us in building a residential school for rural Girls
Temple of Learning
Gayathri Niketanam School
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We are planning to build a state of the art residential school campus for rural girls in Doddaballapur District of Karnataka. Currently the school is running in a temporary facility in Muddenahalli, Chikkaballapur with grades 6 and 7. The school was started in 2021 June. Every year next grade will be added as the student move to higher grade until 12th.  Once built the school will have all the amenities including play ground, hostel, full fledged kitchen, prayer hall, computer labs, dairy farm etc. 

India is a developing country with large population in rural villages. Though cities are being developed, many rural children, especially girls are deprived of quality education that will overcome their poverty cycle. There are many children who are orphans, single parent children or the ones with parents who are daily wage workers. When it comes to girls, Child marriage, child trafficking is still a concern. There is no one to look after such children. Many of them go to Government schools. But you may very will know how these schools function and how far the children learn and excel in studies in these schools as these children lack support at home and sometimes may be facing abuse, lack of food, shelter, electricity etc. Some even drop out of school early. At the end they go back to poverty cycle and it continues. 

We are partnered with Prashanthi Balamandira Trust, Muddenahalli, India. Currently we have 27 school campuses across 3 states of Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Telengana. All of our school campuses are built state of the art, in rural villages, fully residential school with all the amenities where all the expenses are taken care for the deprived children. Please visit our "Initiatives" page where you can see our current campuses.

The plan is to build similar school in Doddaballapur District. We already acquired 5 acres of land. We are in the process of acquiring additional 4 acres of land for the campus. After that the plan is to start the construction work.
All our campuses are run by dedicated teachers and volunteers where children are hand held and given all round character building education with extracarricular activities, sports, music, Yoga, meditation, prayers etc. Prashanthi Balamandira trust also has a university so the children can learn up to Phd. The whole idea is these children get out of the poverty cycle and become a good citizen with right mindset to help many more such children in the future.

What you can do?:
Come join us in building the campus for these rural children. 

Sponsor a child:
Sponsor a child - $1,000 per year ($84 per month)
(This covers all expenses including, tuition, food, boarding, cloths and books)

Participate in Construction:- Construction cost to house one child in the campus- $10,000
(This approximate cost is arrived by dividing the total cost of building by the number of students. One can also sponsor a class room, Dormitory, prayer hall, kitchen etc. Please write to us for more details using the contact page)
Your support will come a long way as more and more children will study over the years to come. It is very good act of love and giving back to society where a life of a child is taken care.
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