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Tumkur campus

Education for All, in cooperation with Prashanthi Bala Mandir Trust (PBMT) is also supporting the construction of a beautiful new campus for boys in the rural village of Tumkur, about 80 Miles from the city of Bangalore. This campus is a special program of the USA region which is building the infrastructure of this much-needed campus. It will provide 6th to 12th grade education and will feature all needed facilities to provide the highest level of character and academic education including the most up to date computer labs.

Named SSS Karunya Niketanam (Abode of Compassion), this campus will be located on over 40 acres of land. The 120,000 square feet of buildings will provide classrooms, living accommodation for students and staff, conference halls, dining facilities and a kitchen for food preparation. Additionally, there will be parks and a number of sports fields for the student’s physical development.
This campus is a “start from scratch” project in that we will need to build secured boundaries, roads, drinking water facilities and a sewage treatment plant. Like all of the Loka Seva Group of Institutions, Tumkur is designed to be as “green” as possible and will also feature solar power generating facilities.

SSS Karunya Niketanam is already in operation. The land has been purchased and temporary structures housing and educating 105 students (grade 6 and 7) and 10 staff are in use. The first phase of the permanent school/hostel construction has begun. The final phases are estimated to be completed in 3-5 years.

As in all of our institutions, education will be imparted free of cost. Additionally, all students from lower income will be given room and boards, clothes, books and other necessities free of cost.

Doddaballapur Campus:


Doddaballapur is a full fledged residential school planned for girls in the rural district of Kolar, 30 Miles away from Bengaluru, India. The school when fully built will have classes from 6th grade to 12th. Like any other schools operated by Prashanthi Bala Mandir Trust,  this school will also have all the facilities including hostel, play grounds, prayer hall, dairy farm, labs and other necessities.

The land has been acquired. Due to COVID there was a delay in starting the construction of the school. As the situation is improved now, the trust is in the process of starting the construction soon. The first phase of the construction will begin. Initially the school will have facility enough for first batch of students and then will gradually expand.

At this stage people can participate in the initial phase of construction. The school is planned to be started from the next academic year.

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