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Building “Temple of Learning”


Underprivileged Rural - Girls

Gayatri Niketanam School 
Vision: Building Nation by educating underprivileged Rural Girl children, irrespective of cast, creed, religion
Mission: To establish modern residential Girl school in Rural India that provides 100% FREE education, completely FREE - tuition, food, hostel, school dress, text books, sports facilities, music & dance facilities to underprivileged Rural girls. 
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be part of the


Support noble mission of educating Rural girls

US $1,000 per year
(US $84 per month)

100% of every donation is transferred to the Girl school project. 

✤ Accomplished 27 school campuses in three states of India (Karnataka, Tamilinadu, Telengana)  
✤ School is managed by highly renowned 50+ years old educational non-profit organization (SSS Loka Seva Trust), highly revered for dedicating their lives to the mission of uplifting the lives of rural children, presently they manage 5000 rural kids in 25 campuses in Karnataka 

✤ School will be self evolving, self-funded, self-staffed after couple of years, sustained by the graduating Alumni who will support financially and many expected to join back as Teachers / Administrators / Principals / Warden upon their graduation (Each One Educate One, Each One Teach One)
"Education for All" is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit USA organization helping build schools that provide quality FREE of charge education to rural children, most importantly transforming lives of the rural children to become excellent humans. "Education for All" is presently supporting building of a residential school for rural Girls in Doddaballapur (Bangalore rural) for the Girls from underprivileged rural families.
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